Examination Section

Exam is the process through which the performance of student can be checked & improved. With quality objectives to improve the result of internal examination and university examination, our college has an independent examination section. This section monitors all weekly, half yearly and pre semester examinations being conducted by the college throughout the academic year. Results of these examinations are being displayed on notice board weekly and communicated to parents frequently.

Ranker students are being awarded to motivate all students for securing more percentage. Parents also can responsibly observe the performance in study of their children through these internal exams. To come up with our quality objectives the followings are to be adopted strictly.

    Points to be followed by the student:

F Presenty in every internal exam is mandatory.

F Student have to improve weekly exam performance continuously.

F Absent in exam without prior permission from appropriate authorities of college will be getting zero marks.

F If any student found irregular in college internal exam, the penalty will be charged to him/her.

    Points to be followed by the Parents:

F Visit to college exam section at least once in a month to check their children attendance & performance.

F Responsibility taken for poor performance of their children due to continual absent in internal examination.

F Presenty in parents meet as and when meets organized by college.