We are proud to state that within a short span of time our college has made significant Progress. We prepare students for roles as active professionals. They learn to approach aesthetic, intellectual & technical problems through scholarly & experimental analysis. Concurrently, students Develop highly professional attitude towards their work & the solution of significant creative problems. Graduates pursue challenging & exciting careers in academics & profession. 

The College provides excellent and relevant teaching and research over a wide range of scientific disciplines, from Biotechnology and computer sciences to library and media sciences; it also provides a major input to postgraduate courses in Biotechnology, computer science and library science. Graduates from the College will be in a position to make a major contribution to the future well-being of Irish knowledge based industry as well as to many other areas of activity, from health-related disciplines to advanced agricultural enterprises.

Mr. Sagar Barge student of M.Sc. Biotechnology, Mr. Milind Shinde student of BJ & MS, Mr. Sudhir Aacharya student of M.Lib. & Mr. Motewar Dhananjay studentof B .Lib. are the top rankers of our college in M/A 2005 and M/A 2006  Miss. Omme Salma Omer, Amir K. Tamboli are the top rankers from M.Sc. Biotechnology. Irba G. Gaikwad, Dhanraj K. Awashank are the top rankers from M.Lib. I.S. and Ku. Vidya N. Panchal is top ranker from B.Lib. M/A 2007, Ms. Biradar Usha is a top ranker in M.Sc.(CS) in M/A 2008 examinations of S. R. T. M.University ,  Nanded. And our college has been included in the list of colleges prepared under section 2(f) and 12(B) of U.G.C. Act 1956. 



Dr. Sudhir Jagtap